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Oscillator Packages

PCD has complete in-house capability for the productions of all types of oscillator packages and has been a leading supplier since the 1940s. We have complete design capabilities with a large foundation of standard models to draw on.

Custom units to match the requirements of a specific application can also be supplied on short lead-time. The line includes both MIL Spec and commercial units.

State-of-the-Art Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators

TCXOs, produced by PCD, include models with exceptional stability. They can often be applied where the stability of an ovenized unit is desirable but space, power, or weight restrictions preclude the use of an oven unit. The model TCXO-2 is an example. It employs a voltage variable capacitance diode and thermister network to maintain very tight frequency stability over a broad temperature range in a rugged yet small package.


  • High Stability, ± .1 ppm -40°C to +75°C or better upon customer request
  • Components Derated for Long Life and High Reliability
  • Can Be Made to Meet MIL-O-55310
  • Buffer and Output Amplifiers
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Self-Contained Voltage Regulator
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Small Size, Only 2" x 2" x 1", Weighs Only 5 oz.

High-Stability Units in Proportionally Controlled D.C. Ovens

The exceptional frequency stability of PCD’s PCOXOs results from the use of a PCD -produced, high-precision crystal and an oscillator circuit with automatic gain control to maintain a low constant crystal drive, all contained in a thermally stable PCD -produced DC proportionally controlled oven.

Tuning Fork Resonators and Uncompensated Crystal Oscillators Including Very Low Frequency Units

Units without temperature compensation include both crystal and tuning fork types. These are available for a very broad frequency range—from what are essentially timing devices below 1 Hz (down to one cycle per day/week/month, etc) into the megahertz range. Fork units are often specified for equipment, which will be subjected to severe shock or vibration and therefore are included in this grouping. Determination of whether the oscillator package will use a crystal or fork as the signal source is made taking this factor into consideration. Furthermore, fork units can meet radiation-hardening requirements.

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